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A4S security takes it as an inspiring challenge to understand the ever changing security industry; we do this so that we are able to focus on the innovative changes we can bring to the ever growing industry. Keeping innovation as the focus of our service we have integrated many ideas to the generic understanding of security solutions, in doing this we are able to offer our clients a satisfactory security solution.

We are committed to providing bespoke security staff for organizations. We thrive in customizing security needs to the individual requirements of organizations, so that we deliver the most effective security solutions. We strategies our focus on the segmentation of our security officers and clients. This enables us to focus on the individual expectations so that we are able to deliver a dynamic service. Through rotational training we ensure that all our security staffs are equipped for the expectations of our clients. This procedure will provide confidence for our officers and the reassurance for our clients.


We only appoint SIA licensed professional operatives; all our officers are given rigorous training and development support on the job and off site. This procedure has been put in place so that we can ensure that all our officers meet the individual needs of our clients. As well as being approved guards many of our officers are ex-service personnel’s, providing trained trustworthy protection to your premises.

According the licencing Act 2003 (England and Wales) and the Licensing Act 2005 (Scotland), anyone must have personal licence for selling alcohol to the public. We are one of the leading personal licence course providers in London. Our personal  licence course are fully accredited and delivered by highly experienced and qualified trainers. If you are interested to sell alcohol to the public then first you need to get a personal  licence and to get this you need to complete personal licence course

Currently we offer a variety of security services as follows:

  • Construction Site Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Retail Security
  • Car Park Security
  • Schools and Universities Security
  • Door Supervisors
  • Warehouse Security
  • Industrial Site Security
  • CCTV Monitoring Security
  • Mobile Patrols Security
  • Alarm response Security


Currently we offer a variety of security services as follows:

  • £10,000,000 for public liability and inefficacy
  • Our liability insurance to members of the public and to cover the client’s tangible goods
  • £10,000,000 for employer’s liability – legal insurance for our employees
  • Fidelity bond included – cover for loss or damage to client’s property or money
  • Loss of keys included – cover to replace locks and keys
  • £100,000 professional indemnity

Please contact us for further information on any of our insurance policies.


It is one of the most self rewarding lines of work you could discover. There are ample amounts of opportunities in the industry for growth. At A4S Security we offer you a range of opportunity to learn. The options of onsite training gives you all the flexibility you need to ensure that your training is best suited to your position. We are a firm believer that every day is an opportunity for you to become better at what you do and the difference you make to others.

As majority of security work is individual placements, you are never really alone with us at A4S Security, wherever you position is you can feel reassured knowing that you have a responsive team behind you. Managers you can trust a great team of colleagues to inspire and share ideas with and clients who constantly appreciate your contribution to their organization. To apply to one of our dynamic roles please send your CV to info@academy4security.uk and we will get in touch with you.







Luther Brown: Wood green
“This institute has provided me a very good learning experience with the door supervisor course, experienced tutors and guides here that boosted my c
Drake Smith: Stockwell
“Door supervisor course from this institution gave me an excellent learning experience with finest teachers, who assisted me at every stage of my str
Gwen Jones: Hammersmith
Remarkably first-class school that gave me a chance to develop skills through the exceptional CCTV course that has helped to move forward in career.

Know The Facts!

SIA approved Training provider, please check our status on the SIA website.
Chasing a 100% pass rate.
Fast results and certificates.
We assist with the SIA licensing process; this will get your application accepted at first attempt.
Job support provided.
Weekend courses available.
Training in various locations.

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