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Additional training to take beside Door Supervisor Course

Although a SIA qualification allows you to legally work in the UK security industry, It is advisable to take up some additional training courses to boost up employment as a door supervisor. It is quiet favourable to expand qualifications and skills as it make you more appealing to potential employers. This can make it easier for you to find employment and also potentially allow you to earn more than you might with just an SIA qualification.
Having a First aid certificate and knowledge how to respond in an emergency situation is useful to those who are looking for work in the security industry. First aid course gives you another practical skill to use in your job.

First Aid course

According to UK law, most workplaces require at least one first aider to be on the premises at all times. Taking a first aid training course will allow you to help potential employers to fulfil this duty. It will also mean that in emergency situations you will have the confidence and skills to provide vital support to anyone who needs it.

The first aid training includes crucial topics such as examination of people who will require first aid. This also covers basic principles of giving first aid treatment along with effective recording and reporting of the incident (accident). These are very vital part of Health and Safety compliance for any business. Following are the guidelines that will help you before taking a first aid training course. First Aid training will not only give you preference over other candidates but also you will learn extra skills.




Luther Brown: Wood green
“This institute has provided me a very good learning experience with the door supervisor course, experienced tutors and guides here that boosted my c
Drake Smith: Stockwell
“Door supervisor course from this institution gave me an excellent learning experience with finest teachers, who assisted me at every stage of my str
Gwen Jones: Hammersmith
Remarkably first-class school that gave me a chance to develop skills through the exceptional CCTV course that has helped to move forward in career.

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