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Benefits of CCTV operator course

A qualified Door supervisor is equally capable of working in variety of different industries. CCTV training will give you additional skills and hence increase your job prospects. A candidate is allowed to apply for a large variety of job roles while holding two different SIA licenses.

Broaden skill set

By taking up two SIA training courses will increase your skill to apply for Door Supervisor role and also CCTV role or a role that requires both Door Supervisor and CCTV qualification e.g Reception security officer. A candidate learns skills that are needed for frontline roles, including customer service, legislation, and physical skills during the Door Supervisor Course. And during our CCTV course, a candidate learns practical skills for working with CCTV equipment, legislation specific to CCTV and security, and codes of practice. During the training, your knowledge is increased and you are able to apply for a wider variety of job vacancies.

Boost your job opportunity

By adding CCTV qualification you will get priority over all those learners who hold only Door Supervisor qualification. Door supervisor training and the ability to use and monitor CCTV equipments properly will improve your employment opportunities. Henceforth, accelerates the number of job roles you can apply for.



Luther Brown: Wood green
“This institute has provided me a very good learning experience with the door supervisor course, experienced tutors and guides here that boosted my c
Drake Smith: Stockwell
“Door supervisor course from this institution gave me an excellent learning experience with finest teachers, who assisted me at every stage of my str
Gwen Jones: Hammersmith
Remarkably first-class school that gave me a chance to develop skills through the exceptional CCTV course that has helped to move forward in career.

Know The Facts!

SIA approved Training provider, please check our status on the SIA website.
Chasing a 100% pass rate.
Fast results and certificates.
We assist with the SIA licensing process; this will get your application accepted at first attempt.
Job support provided.
Weekend courses available.
Training in various locations.

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