September 26,2019

Top benefits of joining the SIA CCTV course

There are multiple benefits that the SIA CCTV course offers a candidate with. This is one of the main reasons that have made this training one of the most chosen courses among the security operative aspirants of the United Kingdom. Some of the main benefits of the course include:

1. Helps you to develop the skills of observation The SIA CCTV training helps you to learn the basics of what to look for, where to look for and how to look, thus helping you sharpen your observation skills. To be a good observer – it is one of the prime necessities for any CCTV operative in the industry.

2. Guides you towards becoming a better team player As a CCTV operative, you will need to work in a team with the other security personnel including the door supervisors, guards, and others. The course engages you in various group activities to develop the skills.

3. You develop skills of effective communication Effective communication is of utmost importance in the security industry to be in touch with the other team members (to ensure safety and security of the premises) and higher officials (to report incidents). The course helps you develop this skill.

4. You will learn to use the various CCTV equipment Needless to mention, you will learn the methods to operate the various security equipment and use them effectively to ensure full watch over the premises.

5. Helps you to learn the various standards of health and safety You will be in command of the control room and must maintain the various industrial standards to ensure the health and safety of the other security operatives of the premises. The course covers all the elements necessary to help you learn the basics, thus making you eligible to be in-charge of the control room.

6. Makes your SIA license application easier Choosing an SIA recognised training provider for the CCTV course makes your license application process much easier. This is due to the fact that the training provider already notifies the authority about your performance and you will not have to wait to obtain the certificate physically before applying for the license.

7. It helps you develop other theoretical and practical knowledge of working in the industry The training course takes all the fundamentals of working in the private security industry of the UK into account and helps the candidates to become a better security operative. Some of the other skills that the CCTV training helps you to develop include keeping a record of activities, preserving evidences, restricting access of others to the feed room, etc.

8. If you have another SIA license, it can help you get a hike The SIA CCTV training helps you to develop your scopes of growth in the private security industry of the United Kingdom. If you already have an SIA license, earning this second license can help you to increase your hourly pay rates, thus providing you with an opportunity to advance a step further in the industry.

Upon successful completion of the SIA CCTV course assessment, you are just one step away from becoming a successful CCTV operative and it is just a matter of time before you land into your first job in the industry.