April 16,2019

AET course for teacher aspirants – all about the course

The AET course (Award in Education and Training) is a level-3 qualification that helps you to train and develop the basic skills necessary to become a teacher and learn all the fundamentals to work in the sector of education.

How will the AET course help you?

The AET course will help you to cover all the essentials necessary to work in the job role of a teacher especially in the sectors of skills and further education. Some of them include:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the job role in the education and training sector

  • Maintaining the relationship with the learners, administrators and other teaching staffs

  • Planning inclusive practices of teaching and learning and delivering them

  • The various theories, models, and approaches of assessing the learners and provide them with constructive feedback after the assessment

  • Learning to use the applicable assessment practice and principles

  • Facilitating the process of learning and promoting the development of the learners in groups

How will the training sessions be conducted?

It depends on the training provider you choose to work with. There are quite a few points that you must pay attention to while choosing the training provider. The primary factor is their presence in the industry – how long have they been offering their training services and how the candidates have been benefitted by the same. If you are choosing a classroom-based training provider then you need to pay attention to the distance that you need to travel for attending the classes. You also need to keep a check that the classes do not harm your current job in case you are already serving as a teacher or trainer. The main process to deliver the training is through the conduction of training sessions, peer observation along with the delivery of micro-teach sessions. The micro-teach session specifically helps to develop the practical skills necessary to work with the learners and motivating them for the course studies.

The right training provider adopts the following approaches to train you the right way:

  • Engaging the learners in discussions

  • Encouraging the candidates to take part in group activities

  • Developing the analytical skills to promote problem-solving abilities

  • Creating essays and presentations

  • Taking part in exercises of reading and writing for assignments

  • The appropriate use of the latest technologies to promote interaction

How will you be assessed during the course?

The assessment procedure of the AET course is a continuous process and requires you to submit written assignments for the assessment of your theoretical knowledge developed during the course. For the practical assessment, the micro-teach sessions that you conduct will serve the purpose. That means you need to effectively take some time out for the planning and delivering a 20 to 30 minutes session on a subject that you are specialised in and reflect on the same to jot down observation notes necessary to curate the feedback.

If you want to know more about the course, you can get in touch with the various training providers or search the web to look into the course modules.