April 30,2019

AET course – level-3 qualification for teaching aspirants

The Award in Education and Training (AET course) is a level-3 qualification that is outlined to provide anyone interested to work in the sector of post-16 education with the fundamental knowledge and essential confidence necessary for the job role. The training course can not only help you to become a trainer in the industry of private training as well as to become a teacher or a lecturer in the sector of further education. In simple terms, it is the replacement of the PTLLS course that has been long known to certify individuals to take up teaching job roles at the standards of national accreditation.

What does the AET course content include?

The AET course will help you to develop the required qualities and skills for becoming a well-established teacher or trainer in the education sector. The course is divided into the following three units:

  • Unit A: This unit covers the teaching roles and responsibilities that you will need to take on
  • Unit B: It includes the procedure of planning the sessions for your course. Apart from that, it also covers the necessity of allowing the setting of inclusive teaching practices to meet the needs of the individual learners
  • Unit C: In this unit, you will be taught the three primary assessment types applicable in the teaching role along with the importance that ongoing assessment has in the sector

For successful completion of the training course, you will be required to conduct micro-teach sessions of 15 minutes. These micro-teach sessions will help you to get an idea of how to carry on with the job responsibility. Also, the sessions will serve the purpose of your practical assessment to obtain the qualifying certificate.

Who can apply for the course?

You can apply for the AET course even if you are just considering taking your first step in the education sector or have already been working in the industry. This course helps you to obtain national recognition as a qualified teacher and establish a smooth foundation to your career path. Whether you want to work in the industry of private training or further education, this course is designed to cover all the generic skills of teaching necessary to increase your efficiency for the job role.

What are the other options?

The availability of options in the education field is many. It is even the case for the availability of course options. Some of the other courses being chosen by the teaching aspirants include the level-5 DET course and the level-7 PGCE course. No matter whatever course you may choose, there is one prime requirement to excel in the job role. Experience is the key and as you keep gaining experience, the height you can reach in your chosen career path knows no limits.

To know more about the course, you can take some time out to research the web about the training providers available in your area and get in touch with them to discuss the training course further.