November 26,2018

All you need to know about the job of a security guard

In order to get into SIA Security trainingno requirements are required as such but you should have basic education as you will be provided with proper training or previous experience of working in the police or armed forces. Employers will check your criminal records in your personal and professional life going back up to 10 years.

You will need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license to work as a security guard. Licensure qualifications are generally stricter and different for armed security guards, as they must also obtain firearms licensure. There are certain criteria to qualify for obtaining SIA license:

  • You must be of 18 years or over
  • You must pass identity and criminal record checks
  • You must complete relevant approved SIA training
  2. Skills you should have: To work as a security guard you:
  • Should be able to write short reports and follow written instructions.
  • Should be able to challenge people confidently when necessary.
  • Should possess the ability to use your initiative and make quick decisions.
  • Should know the use of technical equipment like CCTV.
  3. Duties you have to perform: The duties you have to perform may vary depending on the industry you work in. The duties are as follows:
  • You have to engage in patrolling, securing and monitoring premises
  • You have to take care of guarding cash or other valuables in a security vehicle
  • You need to maintain airport security including searching aircraft, passengers and luggage, and guarding the airport boundaries
  • You have to supervise on the door for a large organization.
  4. Training: Training for Security guards depends on training duration and depth and may vary by employer and job duties. They have a whole lot of things to learn to range from protection and defense methods, as well writing reports, delivering first aid and handling emergency situations. Armed Security guards generally complete more exhaustive training than those who are unarmed, and they also need to learn firearm safety and force laws. Those deployed in high-security settings often endure extensive training and are kept under strict supervision on the job.

5. Working hours: Your duty may extend up to 48 hours a week, including evenings and weekends. You may have to work in shifts. You may have to work alone or in a small team.

6. Career: This profession has a good career growth. With experience, you could rise up to the level of the senior or chief security officer, then supervisor.
To be a security guard, one should have physical stamina and quick responsiveness. He should be licensed. Security guards receive random on-job instruction, so extra training isn't required but they have to act promptly.