October 16, 2018


Increasing threats of terrorism, theft and other criminal activities have led to the increased use of CCTV cameras by security professionals that are trained and skilled in recognising and handling these threats. In order to be employed in the field of CCTV operation within the UK, it is mandatory to complete SIA training in CCTV Operation. SIA is the main regulatory body of the private security industry within the UK. SIA training ensures proper and well-trained security professionals are responsible for performing the important security functions. The CCTV Training course designed by SIA further consists of the following: – Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines, CCTV Equipment and its Operation, Control Room Communications and Access Control, Legislation, CCTV Surveillance Techniques and maintaining other industrial health and safety standards. Below mentioned are a few of the benefits of CCTV operator course:

  1. To learn the proper use of CCTV equipment:
CCTV cameras have a complex mechanism, making it difficult for just anyone to operate it properly. CCTV training trains the candidates with the skills necessary to work with the CCTV equipments. They receive training on the mechanism of cameras, their limitations and the procedure to help the video footage quality get better. Without a proper training, it is nearly impossible to operate CCTV equipment.
  1. Knowledge of identifying suspicious people and their actions:
CCTV operator training trains the candidates to identify customers and employees whose behaviour seems dubious. CCTV operators operate from the centre of central command and keep a track that nothing goes wrong. They act immediately if the situation demands. It is because of the training only that a CCTV operator can easily identify any chances of crimes which might evade the eyes of a layman.
  1. CCTV Operators provides security to the public:
The CCTV operators are not only responsible for the operation of cameras in public places. At the same time, they also train the homeowners on the process of operating CCTV cameras at home. This helps a large number of individuals to feel safe and secured. The courses of SIA CCTV training empowers the security staffs with the ability to point out criminals, collecting evidence against them, and also control them from acting in the wrong way. It thus helps in reducing crimes considerably in the UK. One of the main benefits of the SIA training courses is that it helps the individuals to develop the skills of identifying anyone having a suspicious body language long before any criminal activity may take place.
  1. CCTV Operators help keep track of the traffic issues
CCTV operators are often responsible to manage the cameras in highways in the UK too. So, in the event of any car accident, daily CCTV cameras can take care of the job of recording what exactly happened and help the victim get justice. Training makes you an ace in identifying the guilty fast and reporting to the concerned authorities.
  1. CCTV training has become an unavoidable segment of the security industry in the UK
The private security industry in the UK has significant contributions in the process of ensuring the safety of its people. This is due to the fact that the security officers are responsible to maintain the safety of the general public. CCTV systems are being used widely on the date to optimise public security. It confirms that the management of the systems is done by capable and well-trained individuals for the best results. In just 4 years we have been able to help many students successfully get the SIA license. We offer you such training and guidance that will help you set the correct foot forward into the interesting and ever-growing field of security. Securitytrain provides the best suitable services for SIA CCTV Training courses all over Greater London and Greater Manchester.

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