May 15,2019

Is it possible for an SIA door supervisor to arrest someone?

It is quite common for a lot of individuals to confuse a door supervisor or a security guard wielding the SIA license and a smart dress for a police officer. While the job roles of the private security industry come with immense authority and responsibility as well, it is not exactly the same as those of the police officers. There is a wide difference between the SIA badge and the Police badge as well as between the authorities of the two personnel.

How does the police power exceed those of the door supervisors?

To understand things in a better way let us first take a look at the powers that a police officer enjoys. Most of the police powers are bent towards helping them carry on their duty of protecting the public and safeguarding the law. Their jurisdiction is far large and they enjoy the following powers:

  • Directing the behaviour of vehicles and persons in various public places including highways
  • Stopping and searching vehicles and body searching individuals in case the situation demands
  • Arresting individuals for any kind of offence with or without a warrant under various circumstances
  • Getting entry to many circumstances
  • Seizing and retaining properties as per the situational demands

These are some of the specific rights reserved for the police officers to ensure public protection and law maintenance.
What do the door supervisors stand?

Now coming to the ability of a door supervisor to arrest someone, the rights are not as exclusive as that of the police officers. Yes, a door supervisor can arrest someone to prevent crime but not under the same circumstances as the police. This ability is not exclusive to the security operatives only but to any citizen of the nation. In common terms of UK law, this ability is named as citizens’ arrest.

That being said, this power is given to the general public of the UK by the Criminal Law Act 1967. This law allows everyone including those working in the various security job roles as the door supervisors and security guards to use force to prevent crime in case the situation demands. It is also applicable for making or assisting to lawfully arrest the offenders, suspects or any unlawful individual. The allowance provided by this legislation enables the door supervisors with the ability to use force for stopping a crime commitment by breaking a fight, preventing someone from breaking windows or any other type of assault or criminal activities. But it is not a one-day skill that you can master all of a sudden. You need to learn to trust your instincts before deciding.

In many cases, you will just have to hold the suspect and wait for the police to apprehend the accused of being taken into custody. All of these skills are ideally developed along with the necessary theoretical knowledge of applicable laws and regulations during the SIA door supervisor training course before applying for the license.