April 25,2019

SIA CCTV training – learning to command the control room

Working in the job role of a CCTV operator is a tougher task than it appears to be. To be in charge of the control room and constantly monitoring everything under high alert can be a challenging task, especially if you lack the knowledge of what to look for and where to look for. This is where the SIA CCTV training courses come in to make the task easier for you. But before that, it is necessary to know why one should choose this job role in the private security industry.

Why is the demand for CCTV operatives always high?

CCTV has become more of a necessity than fashion to ensure the security of a place is it a retail outlet, licensed premises, corporate office or private residence. The job scopes of CCTV operatives are always high because they are responsible to ensure the safety and security of the entire premises from the central command room. They are required to work in collaboration with the other security operatives such as the door supervisors and the guards through effective communication and help them carry out the on-floor activities smoothly. At times, they will also be required to report directly to the authorities and also maintain the health and safety standards within the control room. These factors along with many other add-ons make this job role one of the most challenging ones in the current industry.

Is it rewarding?

If you love challenges, then you will be enjoying your work as a CCTV operative. You will be responsible for the safety and security of all the visitors, your colleagues and any other individual on the premises and also ensure that no malicious activities take place when you are at the watch. As you keep gathering experience, you will become more adept and the skills would further sharpen and turn you into a security expert.

How can the SIA CCTV training help you?

The SIA CCTV training helps you to develop the basic skills of working in the private security industry of the United Kingdom in the job role of a CCTV operative. It provides you with the essential theoretical knowledge of the relevant standards and procedures to be followed. In addition, the course also helps to learn the techniques of working with the various equipment from the control room. The course helps you to develop the following skills:

  • Being alert at all point of time

  • Knowing what to look for, where and how

  • Effective communication

  • Maintaining various industrial standards

  • Team working and problem-solving through participation in group activities

  • Operating the CCTV equipment

But it is necessary to choose the right provider of SIA CCTV training as it helps to develop valuable insights. One way to ensure the right training provider is to check if they have served in the security industry and for how long to come up with the best answer. You can also talk to someone who is working in the industry to seek advice about choosing the right training provider before you apply for the SIA license.