AET Course

course fee
4 -12 Weeks
Distance learning

Written Assignment and micro teach.

result & Certificate
10 – 15 days
minimum age

Course Booking

Course Overview:

The National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) for the Award in Education and Training course is considered to be the mandatory training qualification for new as well as experienced teachers that are being studied t the 3rd or 4th level QCF. It is the initial qualification in the current education sector of the United Kingdom. The successful completion of this course and achievement of the Training Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) opens up a lot of career growth scopes for those who are passionate about teaching or want to adopt teaching as their career in the UK. After getting done with the AET course, the associate teacher can also look forward to taking on more advanced certification courses.

Basic details

  1. Duration of the course: The course is designed for 4 to 12 weeks tenure for easy completion by the candidates.
  2. Session: We offer distance learning sessions, thus allowing flexibility for the candidates to work on the course as per their suitable timeframes.
  3. Assessment: The candidates will be assessed through a written assignment designed for the purpose along with the evaluation of micro-teaching sessions.
  4. Result publication and certification: The final results will be published with 10 to 15 days along with the qualifying certificate for the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) to be awarded by NCFE/TQUK/Edexcel.

Contents of the course

The course is divided into multiple units as stated below:

After successful completion of the Training Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) for the AET course, candidates can progress t opt for a Level 5 Diploma course in education and training. But it is necessary for the candidate to have sufficient teaching practice necessary for the purpose.


The assessment of the candidates depends on three sections – submission of written assignments along with the applicable portfolio of evidence and a session of micro-teaching. But it is necessary for the candidate to be working in a relevant role of training or teaching in the case of Level 4 CET. It is necessary for the assessment of the candidate’s ability on-the-job. The certification of the AET course or an equivalent award is a must for the teachers who want to continue on their teaching career in the UK education sector to further extents.


The candidate needs to be at least 19 years or older to apply for the course. They must also have suitable qualifications as applicable to the subject that they want to teach. Suitable experience in the field can help you to bypass the qualification standards. Apart from that, none other prior experience or entry requirement has been specified for the candidates looking forward to attending the course.

You can get in touch with us to know more about the course details and the course fees.