course fee
4 -12 Weeks
Distance learning

Written Assignment and micro teach.

result & Certificate
10 – 15 days
minimum age

Course Booking

Course Overview:

Whether you are opting for National Vocation Qualifications (NVQ) or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for the assessor course, we can offer you the best solution. Working as an assessor in the education industry can provide you with a lot of scopes to successful career growth and establish a promising future. On successful completion of the course, you will be responsible for the entire skill assessment process.

The main components of the program for assessor training

Similar to any of the other training programs we offer, there are a few major elements associated with the NVQ assessor courses as well. Those include:

Basic details

The assessment program lasts for duration of 4 to 12 weeks at the max depending on the candidate’s access to learners and a few other factors. The training sessions are offered through distance learning opportunities so that your current schedule is not affected in the process. You will be assessed through a written assessment on the course modules and micro-teaching. The results will be published within 2 weeks and the NCFE/TQUK/Edexcel will be awarding you with the qualifying certificate for the assessor course.

Contents of the course

The course is divided into four main modules as mentioned below:

  1. Understanding the assessments based on the outcomes
  2. Preparation for assessing the learners
  3. Conducting the assessment
  4. Provision of the assessment feedbacks

The training process for the assessor course

The training process of the NVQ assessor courses includes:

  1. Initially, the staffs from the various organizations related to the field are selected.
  2. The trainees who have been selected are then provided access to an environment of online learning for a couple of weeks. The various modules of training for the course can be accessed by the trainees from this environment.
  3. The trainees are provided with the opportunity of self-training during the duration of the course. They can use the various assignments and take participation in the various webinars for this purpose.
  4. A final exam will be conducted at the end of the course. The candidates are required to successfully pass the exam to receive the official TAQA assessor course certificate as a qualified assessor.


To start with, you must be at least 19 years of age or more. It is necessary for the candidates to hold a minimum experience of six months for the subject the plan to assess. In case you do not have the required experience, a level 3 or above qualification in the subject can also make you eligible for the course. One thing that is mandatory for the candidates is access to two learners undertaking any other vocational course at the least. You will be assessing those two learners to obtain the verification of your TAQA assessor course progress and completion.