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How can our PGCE course help you?

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Education course, a level 7 qualification (NQF) is one of the most chosen courses in the UK for those who want to develop their career in the teaching industry. The PGCE courses we offer are outlined with the aim of enhancing and boosting training in the academic sectors in order to prepare, develop and train the students to be a teacher. This course will help you to attain the must-have QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or the QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) status as per the level of your course necessary for working in the teaching and learning sector.

The PGCE course organisers in the UK

The PGCE courses Securitytrain offers in London are conducted and awarded by:

Types of the PGCE courses

The varied bodies responsible for conducting the PGCE courses are more focussed on the particular type of course they offer. Basically, there are three main types of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education in the UK. Those are:

  1. Primary level – This course is designed to prepare you with the skills necessary for teaching the children within the age group 3 to 11. The primary focus of this program is on the main curriculum although a specialisation may be allowed in specific subjects.
  2. Secondary level – The focus of this type of PGCE course is to concentrate on particular subjects. This works to prepare the candidate for taking charge of teaching the children within the age group 11 to 16.
  3. Further/Adult education – This level of the course is ideal for those who are really passionate about making a career in the teaching and learning field in the colleges or taking part in conducting the classes of adult education. The completion of this level of PGCE courses will also make you applicable to attain the QTLS status.

The main course focus

During the course, our professional trainer will help you to concentrate on the following modules:

This module will help you to know the primary issues in the fields of teaching and learning and provide you with relevant knowledge in your working field. Seminars, lectures, and workshops would be organised by our professional trainers to conduct the training sessions.

During the course, you will also work on enhancing your expertise on the subject under the guidance of a specialist subject tutor. You will need to look into and assess the main theories and policies in the field of learning and teaching, make an analysis of the best practice models and develop the necessary skills for the purpose.

This module is designed to help you in taking a look at your classroom sessions and reflecting on your actions and the outcomes. This includes taking part in various group activities, peer support, and tutorials in order to enhance your experience in the practical field.

Taking active participation in research-based learning related to the subject of your specialisation and teaching.

Entry requirements for the PGCE courses

Course completion and assessment

The completion of the PGCE courses will be marked after you successfully pass the assessment. Practical micro-teach sessions will be conducted where you need to showcase your learning and skills from the course. Your abilities and knowledge would be evaluated by your mentor and they will provide you with feedback. Apart from that, the candidates are also required to submit written assignments in the subject for assessment purpose. Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will be awarded the QTS or QTLS status to certify your skills and capabilities to teach in the academic institutes.

To know more about the PGCE courses, you can get in touch with us and we will be happy to solve your query.