May 16,2019

Is the DET course the ultimate solution for the teaching aspirants?

The Diploma in Education and Training is a level-5 qualification that covers all the essential basics of working in the teaching job role at the various academic institutions of the nation. The training provides you with a nationally recognised qualifying certificate that can help you bag in a teaching job provided you have the experience and skills.

Who can apply for the DET course?

The DET course is one of the preferred options among most of the trainee teacher aspirants in the United Kingdom. The course is ideal for anyone who is:

  • Interested to develop a career in the field of education and training
  • Totally inexperienced to the field and wants to learn the basics of working in a teaching job role
  • Working in the teaching field for quite a long time but lacks the necessary recognition
  • Passionate to work with the young learners and is bent towards helping them make progress
  • Dedicated and can devote the time of course duration to learn the essentials
  • Has access to 100 hours of teaching practice at the least or can conduct the same within the course duration
  • Working in the job role of a teaching assistant or a vocational assessor and wants to make a shift in his/her job role

Entry requirements for the DET course

Despite the fact that almost anyone can apply for the DET course, there are a few basic entry requirements that must be met. The most prominent ones are outlined below:

  • Age requirement:
    • 19 years at the least at the time of application to the training course

  • Academic qualifications:
    • Level-2 qualification in English and Mathematics to carry on with the course modules
    • Level-3 qualification in subject of specialisation (for those who want to take on the field of Further Education and Adult Learning as their career path)
    • Level-2 qualification in ICT, numeracy, and literacy (if you are taking those units)

  • Non-academic requirements:
    • Effective communication skills to work with the young learners, guardians and other teaching professional
    • A no objection certificate on the criminal background check of the candidate

Get Set, Train

Choosing the right training provider can be a tough task especially due to the multiple choices available in your area. You can either choose a program run by the universities and colleges if you want to attend a full-time classroom-based training or look for an online training option if you want to carry on the course at your own pace. While the course contents and assessment procedures are more or less the same for both the modes, choosing the online training mode can provide you with a slight advantage in terms of time, effort and money management. It saves you the trouble if you are already working somewhere or do not want to compromise your quality family time.

Whatever you choose, you must research and compare all the options well before making the final decision.