April 15, 2019

Diploma in Education and Training – Developing a teaching career

If you have already completed the teaching assistant training and have developed a passion for the teaching and training field, then the Diploma in Education and Training can help you advance further. The DET course is a level-5 qualification that helps you to develop the skills of working in the sectors of further education, adult and community learning.

Diploma in Education and training

What do you need to apply for the Diploma in Education and Training?

If you have completed the teaching assistant courses, then you have already earned two credits towards this course. Apart from meeting the minimum age limit of 19 years, there are a few other requirements that you must meet as a candidate to apply for the DET course. You must have access to 100 hours of teaching practice at the least. This will be used to assess your practical skills at later stages of your course. Having a level-3 qualification in your subject of specialisation is an added preference that you can enjoy. Also, you need to have a level-2 certification in English, Mathematics, Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT to be able to successfully pursue a Diploma in Education and Training.

How can the DET course help you?

The Diploma in Education and Training helps you to gather all the relevant theoretical knowledge, models and approaches as necessary in the industry. It also helps in the development of the fundamental practical skills that can help you to work with the learners. Motivating the learners to take interest in the course studies is one of the prime skills that the training can help you to develop. The course study is divided into separate modules to cover all the essential elements of the education and training sector. Similarly, the assignments used for the assessment test all the modules and ensure that you as a teaching trainee have developed all that is required to work in the job role. The 100 hours of teaching practice also helps you to gather valuable experience and develop real-life problem solving analytical skills that can help you in the later stages of your career.

How to choose a training institute?

It is one of the prime factors that you must look into if you are really serious and passionate about developing your career as a teacher. While you can choose any of the classroom-based training centres, choosing an online training provider helps you save time and continue with the course at your own pace. The online training system also grants you the liberty to get done with the assignments first so that you can concentrate more on the study material for the final assessment.

The DET course helps you to have smoother progress towards attaining the Qualified Learning and Teaching Status (QLTS). If you further wish to polish your skills and expertise, you can opt to join the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE course). It is a level-7 qualification that helps you to develop the specific skill sets as per your interest in the education sector, i.e. if you want to build your career as a teacher of the young learners or in the field of further education and adult learning.

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