April 30,2019

Door supervisor course – training to work at licensed premises

The door supervisor course helps the individuals interested to work in the private security industry by developing the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It is ideal for anyone who considers themselves capable and trustworthy enough to work in the job role.

What responsibilities does the job role of a door supervisor include?

As a door supervisor, you will be responsible to check who enters and exits the premises. In short, you must make sure that no unauthorized individual can enter the premises. Some of the prime responsibilities of a door supervisor include:

  • Performing body check of individuals entering the premises as necessary
  • Escorting individuals into or outside the premises as the situation demands
  • Helping out the visitors with anything they need assistance in
  • Resolving and diffusing conflicts through negotiation, physical intervention or any other way required
  • Working with the other security operatives to ensure maximum efficiency

The door supervisor course helps you to perfect all such skills through proper training and apply for the open scopes at the various licensed and unlicensed premises including bars, pubs, restaurants, retail outlets, and various other business organisations.

How is this course different from security guard training?

The main difference between a door supervisor and a security guard is that the security guard license does not allow you to work at the licensed premises. Choosing the door supervisor course thus enables you to automatically enjoy increased benefits. Also, door supervisors are limited to guarding the entry door only whereas the guards need to ensure the safety and security of the entire premises as a whole along with the other operatives. But choosing the door supervisor training can be a wrong decision in case the job environment is not suitable for your lifestyle. Thus you must take some time out to effectively compare both the courses and then choose the option that best suits your needs.

How to apply for job roles?

Once you successfully complete the training from your chosen training provider, you will need to apply for the Security Industry Authority license, a mandate to work in the security industry of the United Kingdom. To apply for the license, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of the SIA
  • File an online application for your desired license after course completion
  • Wait for the license to be delivered

One of the prime benefits of joining the training course from an SIA recognised training provider is that you will not have to wait until you physically get the certification. That means your performance during the course assistant will automatically be conveyed to SIA and you can directly file the application.

What are the other security training options?

Some of the other security training offered in London includes the security guard training, CCTV training course, and the First-Aid training. You must carefully consider all the course options before finalising your choice about developing your career in the chosen path.