May 09,2019

AET – Why join the course and what are the entry requirements?

The Award in Education and Training is a level-3 qualification that can help anyone in taking the first step towards choosing the education and teaching line as their career path. This is one of the most preferred teacher training courses in the United Kingdom, thanks to job satisfaction and enormous job scopes available in the market.

Benefits of joining the AET course

The popularity of the AET course has been constantly on the rise due to the numerous benefits it offers the candidates with. Some of the main benefits include:

  • The Award in Education and Training is a short teacher training course that can provide you with a nationally recognised qualifying certificate
  • It is ideal for someone who is totally new to the education and teaching field as well as for someone who has been working in the sector but lacks recognition
  • It is a part-time course and does not require you to go against your current schedule for course completion
  • Choosing the online training mode for the course allows the candidates with the privilege of choosing their own study sessions at their own free time
  • It helps to take the first solid step for any candidate in choosing the teaching role as their career path
What does the AET course include?
The AET course has been outlined to cover the following topics:
  • Understanding the applicable roles and responsibilities of the teaching job in the education and training sector
  • Understanding the approaches, uses, and benefits of the various inclusive practices of teaching and learning
  • Learning the various procedures and techniques of assessment and developing an idea of how to apply them on the job role
  • The training helps you to develop all the essential theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills necessary to work in the job role. This includes the skills of working with the young learners, motivating them to take part in the course lessons, assessing their learning progress, engaging them in various activities, etc.

    Course requirements
    The entry requirements of the AET course are mostly basic. They are specified below:
    • The candidate must be at least 19 years of age or older at the time of application for the course
    • A level-2 certificate of literacy, numeracy, and ICT qualification, necessary to work with the learners
    • The candidate also needs to have a firm grip over the spoken and written forms of the English language
    • A valid photo identification proof such as a driving license or passport also needs to be submitted at the time of course enrolment.

    Upon successful completion of the AET training assessment, you can progress further and apply for the level-5 Diploma in Education and Training or the level-7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education if you have the required specialisation in the subject of your choice. The teaching field is one of the most promising sectors in the current industry. Once you have earned sufficient experience, the progress you can make in the field knows no limits.