April 13, 2019

Becoming a teaching assistant – the first step in the teaching field

If you are confused about making a career in the education and teaching field, then joining the teacher training courses can help you a lot. The teaching assistant courses for example, teaches you to assist the teachers in the various educational procedures such as preparing the classroom for the coming classes, planning and delivering course works, motivating the learners to take part in various group activities and even lay a helping hand in terms of administration work.

Teaching Assistant  Course

How can the teaching assistant courses help you?

Working as a teaching assistant serves you two purpose. Firstly, it helps you to learn if you are actually capable of taking on a teaching job role. Also, it helps you to gain a clear idea of the necessary skills and allows you to gather valuable experience that can aid you to further progress your career. The benefits of the teaching assistant courses are many. Some of those include:

• It helps you develop a clear idea of what exactly would be expected from you when you are serving in the job role.
• The training teaches you the basics of working with the young learners and how to motivate them for the course studies.
• It also teaches you the techniques of attending to the individual learners who need special attention in the classroom.

What are the further scopes?

The teaching assistant courses provide you with a level-3 qualification that is widely recognised across the nation. It also provides you with 2 credits towards the DET course in case you are interested in the field and want to progress further. The Diploma in Education and Training is a level-5 qualification that helps you gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills as relevant for working in the sector of further education and adult learning. Working as an adult teacher needs special skill sets and the experience of working as a teaching assistant is not enough although it provides valuable foundation to your career.

If you want to progress further in the sector then the level-7 PGCE course can provide you with all you can need to establish a well-sought career in the education and teaching field.

How different are the courses?

No matter whatever course you may choose, you must take a look at the entry requirements, course materials and the assessment procedure to know how you must prepare for the course. The DET and the PGCE courses need you to conduct micro-teach sessions. These sessions will be used for your practical assessment as your mentor will be grading your skills based on how you use the various theories, models and approaches taught during the course. These courses also need you to have a qualification in the subject of your specialisation along with qualified skills in English, Mathematics, Numeracy literacy and ICT. Another important aspect that you must pay attention to is choosing the training provider. As the teaching job role is totally dependent on how well you can work with the learners, developing the practical skills is of prime importance.

Before you finally decide on a particular training provider, make sure you get in touch with multiple options and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

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