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Food Hygiene Course

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety course focuses expressly on the needs of food handlers in the catering and hospitality sectors. The food handlers’ role within the context of a food safety management system is emphasized. Hazard identification and controls, record keeping and reporting procedures are integral to the programmer.

Maintaining food hygiene is a very crucial and indispensable calling for every food handlers due to its vulnerability. Adulteration in nutritional value is a great threat indeed in small and large manufacturing food factories.Our online food hygiene course aim in exceptional administration and training that will help you and your managers to handle the risk and crisis of food safety. A legal authorized certificate after a food safety course will bring a transparency and belief to your food business and hence safeguarding your brand name from blotting. Our sincere guidance emphasizes in creating an ambience of scrutinizing the food standard that would avoid food poisoning and other forms of dangers.The methodology of our highly experienced teachers are par excellent that will make you comfortable and satisfying to clarify your doubts.


The syllabus has the flexibility to enable training to be tailored to meet specific needs. Overall, it enables employees to:

take personal responsibility for following food safety procedures
keep themselves clean and hygienic
receive and store food safely

Subjects covered

food safety hazards
temperature control
refrigeration, chilling and cold holding
cooking, hot holding and reheating
food handling
principles of safe food storage
food premises and equipment


Employees who handle food will gain a firm grasp of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems involved. They will have the confidence and expertise to deliver quality food safely to customers. Refreshment of this qualification is recommended at least every 3 years.

Course duration and assessment

The food hygiene course is of 6 hours duration is followed by a thirty question multi-choice examination paper, which may be conducted orally. Candidates must achieve twenty or more correct answers will be awarded the certificate.



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Chasing a 100% pass rate.
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