May 11,2019

How much can you earn as a door supervisor in the UK?

Rising up the ladder of the private security industry of the United Kingdom is not that tough task if you have the potential. This is even more in the case of door supervisors. This is because the scopes you can enjoy with the right set of skills in this job role are incomparable to any of the other security jobs in the industry. But you cannot expect the ultimate success right from the beginning. It requires you to have the right experience and expertise to shine in the field.

The average salary of a door supervisor

Let us now first take a look at what salary can be expected as an SIA recognised door supervisor. Depending upon skills, experience, and expertise, the earning of a door supervisor can range from a minimum of £10 per hour to £15 per hour. When calculated on a yearly basis, it adds up to a range of £22,000 to £25,000 in total. Again, the range of salary can also vary depending upon the location of your security job application and the organization that you have applied for. This is because it can vary directly as per the living costs of the city and you can easily expect high pay rates if you take the major big cities under consideration. The chances of getting the highest pay rates are even more if you have qualified more than one SIA security training assessment.

The variations in the pay scale

That being said, we can now discuss the path that you can follow to obtain the maximum payment. Below mentioned are the most common door supervisor offers you can come across in the UK.

  • Security officer at retail premises: To apply for this job role, you must successfully qualify the door supervisor training and also have the skills of a security guard. While you can separately apply for the security guard training, choosing the right provider can help you develop the necessary skills when you join the door supervisor course. This job role can offer you a minimal pay rate of £6.50 which can again vary as per the job location.
  • Door supervisor: You can just work as a door supervisor at the various premises and in case you have the skills and knowledge of first aid, you can easily bag in an hourly pay rate of £7.80 at the least.
  • Corporate security officer: This job role may ask for more-than-one training but offers you with one of the most promising and relaxing job roles without much headache. Apart from the door supervisor qualification, some corporate environment also makes it mandatory for the candidates to have first aid as well as CCTV equipment operation training. You can expect a pay rate of £9.50 depending upon the location and your skills.
  • Upmarket door supervisor: As evident from the name, you will be posted as a door supervisor at the upmarket venues. While this job role offers a pay rate as high as £15.00 per hour, you need to have fluent door supervision skills, efficient first aid training, and excellent training for physical intervention and handcuffing.

As you spend some time in the industry and start developing your experience, you can climb much higher and earn enough to support your dream life.