February 05,2019

How the job role of a security guard differs from that of a door supervisor

If you are opting for a security training course, London has a lot to offer for your career in the industry. Among all the options, two of the job roles are more popular than the rest – door supervisors and security guards. But there are a few basic differences that exist between the two. But there exists a similarity between the two – both the roles hold a lot of importance in the industry. Though it is common for the major part of the population to consider that both the roles are same, there is a wide variety in between. Looking into the details of both the roles can help anyone to realise the differences to a better extent.

Security Guard
It is common for security guards to work in a lot of establishments that are not licensed including premises of the retail market as well as corporate establishments. The main duties involved in the role include:

  • Keeping strict observation of the areas adjacent to the premises
  • Ensuring the staffs, customers and the general public are safe
  • Preventing thefts, thus aiming for a reduction for a loss of stocks
  • Ensuring that the establishment is running smoothly, for example, searching for the bags of the customers, maintaining large queues, and many more

Door Supervisor
The job role of a door supervisor cannot be defined to be as much formal as that of a security guard. Even the duty hours are not as sociable as the prior one mentioned. But some of the duties are similar to each other. The main duties of a door supervisor include:
  • Taking care of the body search responsibilities of the customers right at the door
  • Keeping track of those entering and leaving the establishment, thus responsible to keep a head count
  • Making sure that both the staffs and customers are safe
  • Management of large people queues
It must be noted that a security guard cannot work on a local governing body authorised premise such as a club or a bar or a place that serves alcohol. It is thus necessary to think wisely before choosing a security training course offered in London. You must consider your preferred lifestyle and your choice before deciding. One thing that can be stated for sure is that none of the roles can be ranked higher or lower as no industry can function smoothly without the presence of strong security. Securitytrain provides security training courses approved by the SIA. Our trainers are trained and highly professional and can provide you the best guidance in the field. We provide a lot of SIA approved courses that you can browse through in our website.