January 29,2019

How to become a SIA license holder

To work in the ever expanding and flourishing security industry, you must possess the SIA license. In order to get the SIA license you have to have formal training from a SIA recognized provider of courses like Door supervisor course & CCTV course. There are many organizations which provide SIA security training courses in London, but the best among them is Academy for Success, where you get the training from the best in the business. But suppose you got the training, how to proceed next? Given below are the steps that you need to take to get the SIA license.

Step 1: Online Registration
Create an online account by using your email id and other details and choose and unique username and password. Upon account creation, an activation email will be sent to your registered email id, from where you can activate your account.

Step 2: Log in and apply
After creating account, login with your credentials and click on ‘Start a new Application’. Fill out all the necessary details in Section 1- 9. After filing out the details, double check and review their accuracy and submit your application. You must provide the accurate details of your qualification. If you have taken SIA security training courses in London, then the course provider can assist you in qualification check. If you held any prior licenses you can match your old information with your new application through ‘Match your details’ page.

Step 3: Further Steps
After submitting the details, SIA will notify about the next steps. All the notifications will be sent to your email id and also on your SIA account that you created. You will be instructed to go to the post office for fees payment, get your Application photo taken and ID verification. You may be instructed to send more documents for verification. In this stage SIA must have received all your documents, your application fee and have checked all your ids’.

Step 4: Verification and Checks
In this step the validity and authenticity of the documents will be checked.SIA will conduct extensive Background checks for any previous criminal activity. The right to work and photo id verification will be checked. Additionally SIA may ask for more documents related to the background check. Respond promptly to these requests for additional information in order to speed up the overall application process.

Step 5: Decision and result
After all the necessary checks and verifications have been carried out, you’ll be notified of the outcome on your SIA account and email. If granted you will receive a granted letter followed by your license card within 14 days of arrival of grant letter. You can start working immediately after you’ve relieved the grant letter, by taking a print out of the license number as it is on the Register of License Holders and attaching a photo id with it. If rejected, you’ll be notified on why it was so. Then you can respond with 21 days of the decision letter.

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