April 11, 2019

NVQ assessor courses – how to become a successful NVQ assessor?

The NVQ assessor courses are ideal for anyone who wants to develop a career as a course assessor. We have come up with a few tips that can help you to have a better idea of what to expect of the course and how to progress with the training.

NVQ assessor course

  1. Look into the entry requirements

This is an important point not only for the NVQ assessor courses but for any other training course that you wish to join. Having the right work ethics is what creates the difference between a successful assessor and an unsuccessful one. The promptness along with the knowledge of what exactly is required for the course can help you to achieve success. As a candidate, you must have a good grip over the English language as the course requires you to submit written reports and maintain records.

  1. Formulate a plan to assess two NVQ candidates

The NVQ assessor courses need you to have access to two candidates who have joined for a National Vocational Qualification course in your subject of specialisation. This is because your course progress will be assessed depending on how you assess the candidates using the assessment models and approaches that you were taught during the course.

  1. Keep a keen observation on the candidates

Once you have chosen the candidates, the remaining process is much simpler. All you need to do is take out four hours to work with them except observing the candidates at work.

  1. Make sure to use online portfolios

The days of paper portfolios are yet out of date. But getting to know the online portfolios is a skill that you must look into. Although the NVQ assessor courses providers accept both modes, employers are keener to accept assessors who are familiar with the use of e-portfolios. It is an important portion of the course you are ready to undertake.

  1. Concentrate on making a professional CV and CPD

The curriculum vitae along with the continuation of professional development go further than you can imagine. The CV and CPD is the perfect way to generate the best impression on the employer without doing almost anything. You can even opt to hire the services of a professional CV writer if you are not that confident on your abilities to showcase the qualification and competence you have.

  1. Search and apply for open opportunities

After you have successfully earned the qualifying certificate and gathered the necessary experience, it is now time for you to go out and search for the opportunities available in your area. You can either keep your eyes open for employer advertisements or make force applications at any place you find suitable. You can even opt to join as a trainee assessor if you wish to gather valuable experience and get ahead in the race.

Once you have successfully earned enough experience in your subject of specialisation, the scopes you have are numerous. You can find a job in the training institutes or opt to voluntarily provide your services to any of the training providers to earn the experience.

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