May 21,2019

How to choose the right teacher training program?

Choosing a teacher training program can be a tough task especially if you have just developed an interest in the field and lack relevant experience. But there are a few tips that can help you to make a well-informed decision about your career choice if you are chosen the teaching line as your career path.

To choose the right program for teaching aspirants, make sure to:

  1. Compare out the teacher training programs

There are a lot of teacher training programs that are being offered in the United Kingdom. All the programs vary as per the level of qualification. But one thing that is common for most of the courses is that all the courses are recognised all across the nation. Also, it allows the candidates to make a fresh start towards pursuing the teaching career and learn the basics of working with the learners. The Teaching Assistant Course and the Award in Education and Training are level-3 courses and are absolutely ideal for the beginners. The level-5 Diploma in Education and Training and the level-7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education are higher level courses that help you to become a qualified teacher.

  1. Look into the entry requirements

The eligibility to apply for the teacher training courses can vary as per the chosen course. While most of the courses need the candidate to have a fluent command over the English language only, some courses demand a level-2 qualification in numeracy, literacy, and ICT along with a degree in your subject of specialisation especially if you are planning to work in the sectors of further education and adult learning. You must check out the entry requirements of the specific course you have decided to apply and ensure that you are eligible for it.

  1. Check out the available options of the training course provider

On the date, a lot of training providers have come up in the market. While the options of choosing a college or university guided course are available, you can also look into the non-accredited training providers as well. Choosing a distance teacher training option saves you the time of physically travelling to the place, especially if you are already working somewhere. Also, the online training mode allows you to continue with the course modules at your own pace, without having you to compromise your family time. Make sure that you make a list of all the course providers working in your area and get in touch with them to know of what they have in offer for you. Rather than blindly choosing the first trainer you come across, compare out the options and make better decisions.

  1. Get in touch with principals, or someone who is already involved in the field

To develop a better understanding, you can discuss with the school principals or other academic heads in your area and request them to enlighten you on the future scopes of the option. You can also discuss your queries with someone who is already working in the teaching/training field and seek advice.

Once you complete the course, apply to any open scope you come across and start earning experience to grow further in your chosen field.