December 07,2018

Benefit from completing a CCTV Course after becoming a Door Supervisor?

Being proficient and skilled as a Door Supervisor opens up a beacon for employment opportunities in the field of various industries. An added advantage would be to take additional training in the field of CCTV Operation as it would give you an edge when it comes to attaining additional job skills. Holding two different SIA licenses would increase your chances in terms of allowing you to apply for a wide range of jobs which in turn will help you attain a handful of skills you could execute while at work.

Increased set of Skill:

On taking two SIA training courses you would increase your skills up by a few notches. By talking both courses your learning skills could be implemented in liaison with security and other industries. With the Door Supervision Course being chosen you will cover all the required skills involving frontline roles, including customer service, legislation, and physical skills. On the other hand, with our CCTV course, you will get to learn the practical skills for handling and using CCTV equipment, legislation in liaison to CCTV and security along with the codes of practice.  

Better Employment Opportunities:

When you are trained to work as a door supervisor you will be able to use the CCTV monitor appropriately which would also improve your employment opportunities and goals. You will also be able to apply for frontline security roles in liaison with CCTV roles and positions that would require candidates to acquire both licenses, which would drastically increase the number of jobs you apply for.  

Securitytrain provides training in Greater London and Greater Manchester allowing all individuals who excel our SIA training to be eligible to work with top London employers.