May 14,2019

How much payment can the private security industry offer you?

The security industry offers quite a lucrative pay scale to those who hold the necessary qualification, skills, and experience for working in the job role. But there are a lot of factors on which the salary of security personnel can vary, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Qualifications: Before you apply to any of the private security industry jobs, you must obtain your personal SIA license specific to the role. It can be a door supervisor license, a security guard license, a CCTV license or a combination of multiple options. The more licenses you have, higher your pay rates can be.
  • Experience: Experience does matter and in such a practical skill oriented job, it is a prime ingredient. You cannot expect the same pay rate that someone serving for years in the industry is getting right after your first SIA license. You need to climb up the stairs before you can enjoy the luxuries.
  • Job location: The same job role can offer varied pay scales depending upon the location. This is because the cost of living varies widely from city to city and that can impact the pay grades as well.
  • Job role: The salary of security personnel can also vary as per the job role they are serving. In simple terms, the salary of a CCTV operative can vary from that of a door supervisor as well as from that of a security guard.
What pay scale can you expect?

On average, the hourly pay rate of any of the security operative can vary anywhere in between £6 to £15 depending upon the above-mentioned factors. But this is not all. Apart from the fixed pay scale, the security operatives also enjoy hourly tips ranging from £0.10 to £7.00 as well. For someone who is ready to take on some overtime work can earn even more and the overtime rates can vary from £10.00 to £25.00 depending upon the work pressure, duty hours and the organization. Bonus and commissions contribute to another portion of significant earning of the security individuals. While the bonus can range from £15.00 to £8000.00 depending on your expertise, skills, and responsibilities, the commission for services can range a little above £1000.00. In all, the average pay of the various security operatives can range from £18,000.00 to £35,000 on a yearly basis. But it can be hard to specifically predict the pay rate you are worthy of. How can you reach the upper pay limit? There are only two ways that must be followed by anyone who wants to reach to the top of the UK private security industry – to earn multiple licenses through course assessment and spending significant time in the industry to earn the experience. As you obtain more licenses, you can easily expect an increase in your hourly pay rates. But you must have the right set of practical skills along with theoretical knowledge to work flawlessly in the industry.