Security Guard Training

We offer SIA security guard training courses to the candidates who are interested to develop their career in the private security industry of the United Kingdom. Our experienced and professional trainers will help you to prepare ideally for the job role before you file an application for the SIA license on their website.

The Main Course contents

Let us now take a look at the contents of the security guard training course. It is mainly divided into three modules as outlined below:

  1. Module 1: Fundamentals of working within the industry of private security in the UK

In this module, the trainer will provide you with the knowledge on:

  • The basic features of the security industry in the UK
  • The relevant legislation as applicable to the industry and working on licensable activities
  • The health and safety practices and its importance in the working environment
  • Compliance with the legal requirements
  • Fire safety, evacuation procedures and handling various emergency situations
  • Effective skills of communication in terms of customer support
  1. Module 2: Roles and responsibilities of the Security Guard as per the industry standards

The main focus of this module includes:

  • The job role of a security guard within the industry
  • The laws applicable to the role of a security guard in the security industry
  • The importance, necessity and benefits of patrolling the premises
  • Searching skills for the customers
  • The function and reasons of using various physical and electronic protection systems
  • Keeping record and reporting incidents within the premises
  1. Module 3: Managing and resolving conflicts within the business premises

The basic intention of this module is to practically prepare the candidate for the various real-life problems. The main contents of this module include:

  • The principles of managing conflicts as applicable to the job role
  • The techniques of recognising, assessing and cutting down the risks of conflicting situations
  • De-escalating and resolving the conflicts through effective communication and negotiation
  • Developing strategies to solve problems as applicable for the conflict situation

After successful completion of the course you will be trained to take in the following responsibilities:

  • Guarding and monitoring the business premises
  • Working in cooperation with the CCTV surveillance team and maintaining effective communication with the other team members
  • Taking steps for the prevention of thefts, preserving orders and protecting the property
  • Escorting individuals in specific cases around the site
  • Assisting secure money transportation
  • Keeping unauthorised people off the premises
  • Take care of emergency procedures

Minimum entry requirements for the course

Like most of the other SIA security courses, the security guard training that we offer also has a couple of basic criteria. Those include:

  • The candidate must be 18 years of age at the least or more at the time of applying for the course
  • Fluent command over the English language

Course assessment

The final qualifying certificate will be issued after you successfully pass the assessment designed for the purpose. Apart from a written assessment test, the practical knowledge of the candidate will also be put to test for assessing the skills and capabilities of the candidate to work within the private security industry.

If you want to know more about the course, you can get in touch with us for more information.

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