April 27,2019

Security training courses – primary details to choose the right option

The availability of the security personnel job scopes makes the security training course one of the most preferred practical trainings in the recent times. In case you are serious about applying for a job in the UK private security industry, then below mentioned are a few points that you must consider.  

What are the security training options? The security training options are available in both conventional as well as online mode. The conventional mode puts the candidates in a classroom-based training environment. That means if you choose this training mode, you will have to physically travel down to the place and attend the classes in the lecture rooms. You will be attending the sessions with your fellow learners where a trainer will be present to instruct the candidates. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with the instructor for any query you want to clarify. The online mode allows the candidate to attend the training sessions at any time they find suitable. This enables you to attend the classes from your home, a cybercafe or any other place from where you can access the internet from a computer. The training sessions are provided in video setups in some cases and chat setups with the instructor in real time. In the online training mode, all you need to do is click the start button and watch the video. You have the ability to pause, replay and rewind the video in case you want to. How are the courses run? The security training course is divided into several periods. The course outline decides the time period of the course. But you must keep one thing in mind that it is necessary to finish all the course requirements within the allotted time once you are enrolled for a specific period. It is common for many training providers to allot multiple subjects within a single period while some trainers also divide the subjects into groups spread over multiple periods. What are the available training course options? The primary security training course options in the UK include the following:

  • Door supervisor course: This course delivers the relevant knowledge essential to work in the job role of guarding the door. It includes the development of certain skills including body searching, escorting, and preventing unauthorised entry and many more.
  • Security guard training: This course is somewhat similar to the door supervisor course except the fact that the guard license is not enough to work at the licensed premises. Also, the security guards are not limited to safeguarding the doors only but the entire business premises.
  • CCTV training: The SIA CCTV training teaches the basics of operating the various monitoring equipment and working from the control room. It also helps to develop effective communication and team working skills necessary to work with the other security operatives in the premises.
You can specifically look into each of the course option details to make a better choice aligned with your interests and lifestyle.