March 27,2019

SIA CCTV training course – teaching the fundamentals to work in the industry

The CCTV services are becoming the backbone of the private security industry in the United Kingdom. Be it the licensed organisations or the retail outlets, the ground security team is becoming more and more dependent on the control room information from the CCTV operatives. This is where the demand for SIA CCTV course is on the rise.

SIA security training – preparation for license application

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) looks after all the affairs of the UK security industry. The body also issues licenses for capable individuals who want to work in the industry. But having the right training makes the license application stronger. The courses for SIA security training are not limited to just CCTV operations, but also have separate modules for door supervisor and security guard training as well. The training providers are recognised by the SIA and they teach the enthusiasts about the fundamental laws of working in the job roles, the duties, and responsibilities and develop the various practical skills necessary to handle day-to-day tasks.

Why choose the SIA CCTV course?

The SIA CCTV course concentrates on the knowledge and skills necessary to work with the CCTV equipment and work from the control room to effectively look over the premises and help the other security staffs. The course helps the candidate to learn the basics of eyeing. It is one of the prime skills that a CCTV operative must have. Another one of the necessary skills that a CCTV operative must have is the skills of effective communication. It may be common for many to think that their job roles and responsibilities are limited to the control room only, but they are the heart of the entire security team. They need to be constantly alert and be in contact guards and the door supervisor to notify them if he comes across something suspicious from the video footages. During the training, they are also taught the techniques and procedures of maintaining the health and safety standards within the control room and handling various emergency procedures.

Job roles and responsibilities

As a CCTV operative in the security industry, you will be required to maintain track of all activities that take place in the premises, alert the authorities and the security team of the issue and find an effective solution to the same. You will also be responsible to keep a track that the industry standards are maintained by the other security operatives as well. One of the most essential tasks of the CCTV operative is to maintain records that can help in case the situation demands, such as thefts, robberies or other cases.

Of all, this job role is one of the biggest responsibilities that the industry has. The SIA CCTV course is ideal for anyone who considers that they are capable of taking this responsibility and serving the industry. If you are interested to know more about the course, you can get in touch with any of the SIA recognised training providers or talk to someone who is working in the industry in the job role.