August 20, 2018


In order to work in the ever-growing security industry in the UK, only the door supervisor course won’t be enough. Training in the other courses like CCTV Operator Course and First Aid course will give you an extra edge over others. CCTV Operator Course: One needs to go through a CCTV Training course to obtain an SIA CCTV a license which will enable you to work as a proactive CCTV operator in the security industry. CCTV operators are employed in control rooms of security companies, medium to large companies, local councils etc. They get employed in hospitals, schools, airports, malls etc. and are given the job of checking multiple monitors at once, watching live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting any suspicious behavior to the concerned authority. CCTV Training Course includes :

  • Access Control
  • CCTV Implementation
  • CCTV Strategy
  • Codes of Practice
  • Control Room Operations
  • Data Protection
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Maintain daily logs
  • Mobile CCTV Equipment
  • Monitor Crowds
  • Operational Guidelines
  • Operating Digital Recording Equipment
  • Public Space Surveillance (PSS)
  • Review of Digital Evidence
  • Surveillance Techniques
First Aid Course: First Aid is that instant treatment that can be given to the victims when arrangements are being made to take the victim to the hospital. If you want to receive training in emergency first aid, this is the course to go for. It is best suited for nominated first aiders in small, low risk working environments. You need to have a knowledge of First Aid as anybody even in your family can meet with an accident anywhere and in that case, you can at least give him the initial medication instead of watching his condition deteriorating. First Aid Courses are very important as these professionals are able to help the victims until they do not get medical aid. People with proper knowledge of First Aid can save the life of the victim and can avoid the condition of the victim from worsening as well. Through taking the First Aid Courses, people are taught how to apply splints, artificial respiration, how to bandage, treat fainting, frostbite, shocks, stings, bites, and burns etc. and also how to handle even very dangerous conditions.

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