April 23,2019

What does it need to apply for the DET course?

The DET course (Diploma in Education and Training) is one of the most preferred teacher training courses offered in the United Kingdom. The training course provides you with a level-5 certification that is widely recognised across the nation. It is one of the best options that you can look into if you are passionate about working in the field of education and training with the young learners. If you are interested to choose the teaching job role as your career path, then you must take a look into the course details before joining the course.

Requirements to apply for the DET course

The DET course has a few sets of basic requirements that the candidate must fulfil to apply for the entry. Those include:

  • Age requirement: The course application procedure requires the candidate to be 19 years of age at the least or more.

  • Necessary qualifications: The candidate must have a level-2 qualification in English, Mathematics, numeracy, literacy, and ICT. These are necessary to work in the sectors of further education and adult learning. Also, having a level-3 qualification in your subject of preference provides you with an added benefit.

  • Access to micro-teach session: The Diploma in Education and Training course needs you to have access to 100 hours of teaching practice at the least. These micro-teach sessions will be used for the assessment of your practical skills. Also, it provides you with a way to sharpen the necessary skills essential to working in the industry.

  • Passion and interest: The teaching job role is not as simple as it appears. Working in this job role not only needs you to be passionate about working with the young learners but also have the interest to contribute to the teaching field for the betterment of the candidates.

Who can apply for the DET course?

The DET course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop a career in the field. It is ideal for anyone who has just developed an interest in the field but lacks experience. If you have been working role in a relevant job role, then this course can be a great option to further boost their scopes in the field. The course is even ideal for anyone serving as an assessor in the various training industries and wants to make a change to their career. If you have qualified the level-3 teaching assistant course, then you can enjoy 2 credits towards this course without any extra effort.

How to choose the training provider?

The best way to choose the best training provider is to seek help from someone who already has some experience in the field. You can even get in touch with the various academic institutes in the area to look for suggestions. If you are already associated with some teaching job role, then the principal of the institute can be a great option to discuss your queries. You can also get in touch with the various training providers in your area to make the best choice.