November 30,2018

What makes Post Graduate Certificate in Education(PGCE)a course worth choosing?

Postgraduate Certificate in Education(PGCE) gives an opportunity to the graduates to become a teacher in Greater London and Greater Manchester and teach the students with professional expertise. This course helps you develop knowledge and understanding required to teach the students.

The types of PGCE:

There are two types of PGCE courses: university-led and school-led course. University-led teacher training courses are based at a university, offering plenty of practical teaching experience.
  • You have to spend a minimum of 24 weeks on placement at schools
  • You will receive QTSand a postgraduate qualification (usually a PGCE)
  • You will get to learn about pedagogy (the theory of teaching)
School-led teacher training courses, delivered by school’s initial teacher training (SCITT) providers, vary in a number of ways and won’t always offer a PGCE (although many do).  
  • You will gain the QTS you need to teach in Greater London and Greater Manchester
  • You will get a lot of experience from the beginning of working with and learning from colleagues at your placement school
If you choose to study a university-led PGCE, most of your time will be spent on at least two school placements where you will learn to take on more responsibility, work closely with an experienced teacher before being able to give your own lessons. This will offer you exposure into different learning environments, allowing you to broaden your educational horizons. If you choose a school-led PGCE, you’ll be benefitted from being placed in a school right from the beginning of the programme. This will help you get used to classroom life gradually. In fact, many PGCE trainee teachers are offered a job just after the completion of their training by the network of schools in which they complete their qualification.

The advantages of doing a PGCE course are many:

  1. An advantage of PGCE is that you can choose the subject you want to do the course in and can get the place in your own country or a neighboring country.
  2. PGCE offers you more support and help during the course than any other course and pays you better also.
  3. PGCE offers you general interview process and school placements after you are accepted by a university.
  4. The PGCE offers the opportunity to seek guidance from expert tutors who are both teachers and academics

QTS and PGCE both train people to become effective teachers. Qualified Teacher Status is the qualification required to teach in state schools in the UK.PGCE is the additional qualification which includes QTS. However, PGCEs are an internationally recognised qualification, which can provide more opportunities than if you’d gained QTS without a PGCE.