July 19, 2019

Award in Education and Training – Why you must apply for the course?

The teaching assistant courses and the Award in Education and Training (AET courses) are two of the most preferred teacher training courses in London for the new teaching enthusiasts. Both of the courses offer level-3 qualifying certificates but there are ways that the AET courses beat the teaching training courses.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to attend the AET course if you want to become a qualified teacher in the UK.

  1. You have just developed an interest in the teaching job role
The teaching field is one of the noblest professions that are attracting a lot of interest from the teaching enthusiasts in the UK. The AET courses is one of the best courses for you to look into if you have just taken an interest in the teaching field and want to know more about the teaching job role. This course can help you to develop all the essential basics necessary to work as a teacher in the UK.

  1. You have been working as a teacher but lack the recognition

The AET courses are also a great option to look into if you have been working as a teacher in any of the academic institutes in your locality but lack the recognition. The Award in Education and Training certificate validates your experience and helps you to get the recognition you deserve. The qualifying certificate makes it easier for you to secure better jobs in the industry. As you obtain the award certifying your knowledge and skills, you can easily apply for better teaching jobs in your area.

  1. You want to develop your teaching skills and abilities

The teaching job roles require you to have specific skills. Some of the most common ones include effective communication with the learners, planning and delivering course sessions, assessing the progress, motivating the learners to take interest in the course, etc. The AET course enables you to develop all such skills and become a full-fledged teacher who is able to independently handle these issues all by themselves.

  1. You want to earn some experience before applying for the higher level courses

Unlike the teaching assistant courses, the AET courses requires you to conduct micro-teach sessions that will be used for your practical assessment. This is very beneficial if you want to apply for the higher level courses such as the DET course or the PGCE courses. Also, the opportunities to become a teacher or earning valuable experience through volunteering jobs become easier after the completion of this course.

  1. You are interested to work with the learners

If you are passionate to work with the young learners, this is the best option for you. This course allows you to align your interest with the necessary skills that enables you to rise up the ladder.

If you want to know more about the AET course you can browse our website to look into the course details or get in touch with us to discuss more about the course.

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