March 25,2019

The Door Supervisor course – working at the licensed premises

The SIA door supervisor course has been gaining quite a popular among all those trying to secure a job in the UK private security industry. This is due to the fact that this training course has been preparing the students with all the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work in the industry.

A lot of training institutes have come up recently that provide security training courses recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the UK. The range of courses offered is also huge. Some of the other courses include security guard training and CCTV training. This is mainly due to the trend of rising demand for security officials in the various industries of the market. Thus there are two main decisions that a candidate having a passion about working in the private security industry has to make. Those include choosing the right training course and the right training provider.

Why choose the door supervisor course?

The door supervisor course prepares the candidate to work in the licensed places, i.e. the restaurants, bars and pubs that offer alcohol to their customers. The course has its main focus on helping the candidate to develop the skills of keeping an eye open for suspicious individuals, checking for objects, escorting individuals in cases as necessary, managing and resolving conflicts, and many more. Similar to the other security training courses, this course also concentrates on providing the candidate with the fundamental knowledge of the laws, legislation, regulations of the industry and all the other necessary elements needed to work in the job role. The course also emphasizes a practical training session to put the candidate in real-life situations and assess how they respond to the situation. The qualifying certificate will be provided after you successfully pass the assessment. You can then apply for the SIA license on their website. The SIA security guard training and the CCTV training courses prepare the candidate to work in the respective job roles. You can check out the other courses in detail in case you are not sure about the door supervisor training course.

What are the training institute options?

The next confusion is choosing the training provider. You can either choose a classroom-based training provider or join an online course. Both processes have their own merits and demerits. While the physical classroom training sessions are more effective as it provides you with the opportunity to directly interact with your trainer, the online courses save you the time and effort of physically going to that place, thus being lenient on you if you are currently working somewhere. No matter what anyone would argue the traditional classroom-based training always has an edge over the online courses.

Securitytrain provides 4-day classroom-based training sessions and encourages the candidates to take part in group activities to help in the development of teamwork and problem-solving skills necessary for working in the industry. We also provide training on the other security courses such as SIA CCTV course, guard training, etc.